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Download Simple File Shredder

Have you ever wondered if the files you delete from your computer are truly gone? Well, the truth is that…

By admin , in Dữ liệu - File Xóa dữ liệu , at Tháng Ba 25, 2020

Have you ever wondered if the files you delete from your computer are truly gone? Well, the truth is that even when you empty your Recycle Bin or format a drive, those files can still be recovered. This might be a good thing in most cases because it allows for data recovery, but it’s not so great if someone can easily access your personal information. That’s where Simple File Shredder comes in.

Simple File Shredder

Say Goodbye to Permanent Data Recovery

Simple File Shredder is a program that securely deletes your data, making it impossible to recover. This free and easy-to-use application lives up to its name. It simply shreds your files, permanently removing them from your system. No installation is required, just run the executable file. It’s also portable, so you can store it on a USB flash drive and use it anywhere.

Simple and Secure

The interface of Simple File Shredder is straightforward and user-friendly. You can add or remove files/folders from the clean list, specify the location of shredded files, and shred unnecessary browser and system files. The program also allows you to set a password to protect Simple File Shredder and prevent unauthorized use. Updates can be easily performed with a simple configuration.

Keep Your Computer Clean and Safe

Simple File Shredder is a great program to have on your computer or USB flash drive. It takes care of all your unwanted files, just like an organized person would. Plus, it’s free to use! Rest assured that we have analyzed the latest version of Simple File Shredder with over 20 leading antivirus scanners, and it’s completely virus-free. So go ahead and Download Simple File Shredder to protect your personal information today.

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